Suggested Reading

Here are some books that I have read that have been transformative in my life and ministry. There are many because I love reading, but here are a few. More coming soon!

Evangelism Handbook
Dr. Alvin Read

In this book, Dr. Alvin Reid examines in detail the why and the how of Christian evangelism. This book is lengthy but I have yet to meet anyone who regrets reading it.

Romans for You
Tim Keller

In this 2 volume devotional, Tim Keller walks us through the book of Romans. This devotional is written on a level that anyone can read without sacrificing depth. I have gone through this devotional twice. This book, alongsideĀ the Bible, is a great tool to help you understand how to study the bible better for more than just information.

Instruments in the Redeemer’s Hands
Paul David Tripp

This book is helpful for pastors, counselors, and lay people to understand what it means to be used by God as an instrument of redemption in the lives of the people around us.

More books coming soon!